Agri Business Incubation Centre

Central Plantations Crops Research Institute (CPCRI), Kasaragod, Kerala an ICAR institute is functioning with the objective of enhancing entrepreneurship and improving the income and livelihood of farmers in coconut value chain. With the help of ABI entrepreneurs could make use of the laboratory, machinery and scientific assistance at the CPCRI for manufacturing marketable products. The institute has already procured machines required for the centre.


Some ABI protocols

Coconut Processing, Virgin Coconut Oil (15), Coconut Chips (14), Kalparasa and Sugar (10), Kalpa Krunch (2) and Carbonated Tendernut Water(2). Another higher-end technology commercialized in the year 2016-17 was the Nanomatrix for Pheromone Delivery.


Entrepreneurs have their own ideas of making value-added products. These entrepreneurs often start working on their ideas but dropped it mid-way if anything went wrong, due to lack of guidance or equipment for research and development. It is in this context that CPCRI’s incubation centre would be useful.

the institute has value-added products from coconut such as virgin coconut oil by developing an indigenous technology and coconut chips. The virgin coconut oil extracted from fresh coconut kernels has export potential. It has medicinal and antioxidant properties.



  • Hand hold startups

  • promote commercialization of technologies

  • promote entrepreneurship


  • Scouting incubatees

  • Technology awareness - meetings/camps/exhibition/competitions/publicity

  • Technology transfer - MoA; Training; DPR; EDPs; etc.

  • Providing ABI facilities for interested incuabtees